Ewes Sound Fastener

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Mount the included special bit to a power screwdriver.


Press the SoundFastener (SF) onto the bit. Ensure that the bit is gripping both heads of the SF (often a clicking sound). 


Press the plasterboard* against the oriented strand board/wood stud and press the SF onto the plasterboard until the spring is compressed. Then screw through the plasterboard until the SF head is just below the surface of the plasterboard. You can also use this installation procedure for ceiling structures.

*Plasterboard = 12,5 mm thickness


Continue in the same manner until the entire plasterboard is fastened. The distance between the SF screws may be subject to regulations – the guideline is to use a minimum of 10 SF screws per m2. Along the edges of the plasterboard, the SF screws must be mounted a minimum of 12 mm from the edge.

Montera EWES Sound Fastener i 12,5 mm gipsskiva mot träregel


Once the screws are in place, release the pressure on the plasterboard. The plasterboard will then be pushed out by 1 to 2 mm. The total bearing capacity of the SF provides a stable wall structure. You can use nails or drywall anchors to hang things on the wall as usual – this will not impact the structure.


If an additional layer of plasterboard is to be mounted, use glue or drywall screws to create a secure and tight anchoring with the inner plasterboard. Note that the outer plasterboard should only be attached to the inner board – not directly to the wood stud/oriented strand board.


Filling and sealing, if needed, must be carried out in accordance with the plasterboard manufacturer’s instructions.