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What’s it like to install EWES Sound Fastener? Does the noise reduction screw keep its promise?

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Satisfied customers who have used EWES Sound Fastener

Samuel Gallneby at FSK Media is a satisfied user of Sound Fastener
Sound insulation film and photography studio

FSK Media fitted out a former car showroom as a film and photography studio, and heard about EWES Sound Fastener. They decided to test whether the screw really delivered what it promised. A studio can’t be disturbed by external noise.

“The benefits that I saw pretty quickly were major savings in time above all else. A single process. The plasterboard has to be put up in any case. We chose to test Sound Fastener, and we’re very satisfied with the results.”



Samuel Gallneby - Soundproofing of film/photography studio - FSK Media

Construction company Thage builds small soundproof rooms for confidential conversations using Sound Fastener
Soundproofing meeting room

The construction group Thage has built small, soundproofed meeting rooms for a customer. It’s crucial that these rooms are highly soundproof, as the conversations conducted in them are often confidential. The choice came down to Sound Fastener.

“I don’t think you can cut out 9 dB with only one extra plasterboard. I’ve read somewhere that if you replace a plasterboard with a plywood board, you lose 1 dB (sound insulation). If you replace two you lose 3 dB.”



Gintaras Pilkionis - Soundproofed meeting rooms - Thage

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