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About Sound Fastener

EWES Sound Fastener (SF) is a Swedish, patented invention. Håkan Werner and Raimo Issal, the team behind Akoustos AB, developed and designed the noise reduction wooden screw.

Basically, you can replace plasterboard screws with SF screws, and almost halve the perceived noise level, without needing to add more building material, or do any extra work. The fact of the matter is that sound insulated walls with SF screws can be thinner than normal walls, so in addition to reducing unwanted noise, you save on materials and increase valuable living space.


Sound Fastener is tried and tested

The ability to absorb noise has been tested by the Sound Research Laboratories in Great Britain, the Technical University of Denmark, and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB. Mechanical strength and stiffness tests have been performed by Lund University in Sweden.

Sound Fastener’s proven effect: 9 dB (which corresponds to a perceived almost halving of the noise level).

EWES Sound Fastener